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Here’s how to use the hottest social media platform for your online dealership!

Written by Dealer Synergy. Posted in News Booth

Here’s how to use the hottest social media platform for your online dealership!

Launched in March 2010, Pinterest now has 7.51 million users, gets 11
million visits a week and accounts for 3.6% of referral traffic – and
it’s beating Facebook in terms of revenue per click!

The premise is simple: On your Pinterest bulletin board, you pin up
pictures showing your personal interests, share pictures with your
friends and browse common Pinterest categories to make new friends.

Pinterest is a perfect social media platform for your automotive dealership:

· Pin a photo of one of the cars in your showroom onto your
bulletin board with links to your own website

· Other Pinterest users will repin that photo and link
information onto their own bulletin boards, which enhances your SEO

· Pinterest visitors who like the photo will trace it back to
your dealership’s website

With a little strategic thinking, you can use Pinterest to your
advantage. Pinterest is image-driven, so you’ll want to choose the
best possible photos of your vehicles to pin up. Generic stock photos
of your inventory won’t attract the eye as much as professional photos
of your top models at an auto show. Or if you’re so inclined, take
your auto to a scenic locale and photograph it there yourself.

And Pinterest is primarily about building “lifestyle” images. Devote a
separate bulletin board to each type of car in your inventory and
connect it to a specific lifestyle (such as “Weddings” or “Weekend
Getaways”), adding appropriate photos to each type of vehicle. That
way, you’ll not only attract people already looking for cars, but draw
in new customers interested in the lifestyle.

Pinterest and your dealership – it can be a match made in heaven!

Chrysler introuduces the First Wireless Charging System!

Written by Dealer Synergy. Posted in News Booth

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People who enjoy having an Iphone, Android or whatever smartphone, knows the gripes of having those horrible “car chargers” that is so needed to juice them up! Never fear!! Chrysler is here to save the day with their new implementation of a “wireless charging system” into their vehicles.

The Chrysler Group LLC is rolling out a new, optional wireless charging system for smartphones in its new models. The new solution, to be introduced with the 2013 Dodge Dart in the second quarter of 2012, resembles Duracell’s desktop charger which powers a cellphone battery with the use of a special charging case.

Chrysler executives this charging system is an industry first, and the Mopar system will be phased into upcoming Chrysler models.

“At Mopar, we look for every single opportunity to make our customers’ lives easier,” according to Pietro Gorlier, President and CEO of Mopar, Chrysler Group LLC’s service, parts and customer-care brand. “Our industry-first in-vehicle wireless charging system is the perfect solution for those connected customers who are always on the go.”

Here’s how it works: The base plate of the charger is integrated into a power bin (which measures 8.27×9.5×3.25 inches) in the center stack under the radio and AC, just in front of the shifter. All the charger requires is a special case for the mobile phone, which is included with the system. The photo advertisement features a picture of an iPhone, but at the moment it’s unclear which smartphone models will be supported.

Chrysler declares the price for the option is $199.99 plus installation (which varies according to dealership and labor rate).

5min Life Videopedia

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Have you ever needed to open a bottle wine with no wine opener on hand? Use your shoe! You can find everything you need and learn them within 5 minutes on 5min Life Videopedia 5min Media features content from some of the world’s largest media companies as well as the most innovative independent producers.  Video recipes ,  yoga  and  fitness routines ,  tech tutorials , DIY projects for home and garden ,  health videos  on specific conditions,  beauty and fashion tips ,  video game walk-throughs and much more.

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